Indoor Air Quality Services in Tucson, AZ

Those who frequently suffer from colds and allergies may actually be suffering from poor air quality in their home. Many people do not realize the air in a home can be dirty and lead to those in the home getting sick. If loved ones seem to always be getting sick, the homeowners may need to look into getting their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems serviced and work on improving their home’s air quality.

Have the HVAC System Checked

A big culprit of poor air in the home is the HVAC system. If a resident suspects a problem with home air quality, they need to call an HVAC Contractor in Tucson, AZ. The contractor can inspect the system and make sure it is running properly.

If the system is dirty, the contractor can clean it which goes a long way in cleaning up the air in the home. They can also change the filter, repair any leaks that are found, make sure it is running efficiently, and even check the refrigerant levels, if applicable. The contractor may also be able to point out other issues that may be behind poor Indoor Air Quality.

Signs of an Air Problem

Does a person really need to have their HVAC system checked? All systems should be maintained regularly, but if the homeowner suspects a problem they should go ahead and call for Indoor Air Quality Services in Tucson, AZ. Signs that there may be an issue with the air quality in the home include:

    • People living in the home frequently getting colds
    • Household members suffering from sore throats
    • Household members suffering from allergies
    • Frequent coughing of those who live in the house
    • Stuffy noses
    • Burning eyes
    • Skin rashes
    • Asthma attacks
    • Those in the home suffering from headaches
    • Bronchitis
    • Suffering from nausea while in the home

If loved ones are suffering from any of the above, it is smart to call a contractor and, at a minimum, have the system looked at. If a simple cleaning and repair can get household members breathing easy again, it will be more than worth it. If it turns out the unit is clean and running perfectly, it’s easy to rule out the HVAC system as the culprit.

Other Causes of Poor Air Quality

Once the HVAC system has been inspected, cleaned, and perhaps repaired, it is time to look into other causes and culprits causing dirty household air. Everything from the cleaning products used in the home to the carpet fibers can cause the quality of indoor air to drop. Thankfully, some products and items can be avoided that are famous for causing poor air quality.

One good way to keep the air in the home clean and safe is to avoid products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These chemicals usually hover in the air close to the ground, which means they are especially risky for homes with babies, toddlers, and pets. VOCs are typically found in paint, paint thinner, cleaning products, carpets, non-stick pans, glues, and craft supplies.

Cigarette smoke can also dirty indoor air, so make sure that those who smoke do so outside and away from the home. Clean and vacuum frequently to pick up dust, dirt, mold, mildew, and pet dander, as all of these can have negative effects on the air quality in the home. A little prevention can go a long way when it comes to having clean and safe air.

Take a Look at Home Ventilation

Lastly, poor home ventilation can also be a cause of dirty home in the air. This is another area where an HVAC contractor can help. They can make sure that all of the vents are clean and that none of the vents are blocked. They can also advise homeowners on proper home ventilation and may have some tips to improve ventilation.

In conclusion, a home with dirty air can have residents that are constantly feeling under the weather. If this sounds familiar, it is smart to take action right away. Call and have the HVAC system serviced, and then take a look at what chemicals and products are used in the home. By working to clean up the air in a home, residents can get back to feeling their best and breathing easy again.

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