Whole House Water Filter Installation in Tucson, AZ

In some places, residents can fill a glass of water straight from the tap and drink it without having to think twice. Unfortunately, that situation is becoming increasingly rare. If you’ve noticed an off taste or odor to your tap water or unpleasant symptoms that only seem to come up after you use it for drinking, cooking, or brewing coffee, you’re not alone.

Tucson, AZ is not known for its perfectly contaminant-free drinking water. While some people are still using water bottles or filling cups from slow-moving and limited under-sink filters, we’ve got a better solution. Take advantage of our whole-house water filter installation services.

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Austin W. installed our soft water system and ro system. He did an amazing job. Super friendly and made sure the job was done correctly. Took pictures so I could see work he did in the attic and cleaned up everything before he left. Tm offers a lot of services and I will use them again in the future.E E

How Do Whole House Water Filters Work?

Unlike under-sink or countertop filters, which are designed to remove contaminants only from a household’s drinking water, a whole home water filtration system will allow you to confidently use the water coming from any tap. To accomplish this goal, we perform the water filtration installation right at the main water line to your home, allowing water to be filtered before it makes it into the plumbing system.

Your new home water filtration system will remove the contaminants from 100% of the water used in the home. You could fill a glass from the bathroom sink and it would taste just as good as it would in the kitchen. The filtered water will also make it more pleasant to take showers and easier to get both dishes and clothes truly clean.

The filter won’t just remove well-known contaminants like bacteria and viruses. Your water will also be free from parasites, pesticides, fluoride, minerals, and other water-borne contaminants.

How to Choose the Right Water Filter

Most people don’t realize this, but water filters come in many different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right water filtration system isn’t just a matter of preference, either. Every home has different filtration needs, with everything from the size of the plumbing system to its average flow rate helping to determine which product will be the best fit.

We offer system design consultations as part of our whole-house water filter installation services, so don’t be afraid to ask for a professional opinion. The expert techs here at Tailored Mechanical are familiar with all sorts of water filtration systems, including:

  • Cartridge filters
  • Sediment filters
  • Backwashing filters
  • Chemical purifiers
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • PH neutralizing systems
  • And others

When making a recommendation regarding filter type, we’ll take everything about your situation into account and answer any questions you may have. The great part about working with local contractors is that we’re familiar with all of the most common concerns regarding the Tucson, AZ, drinking water supply. We can help you find a water filtration system that will remove the full range of contaminants that could be in your water effectively while also providing the greatest level of convenience.

Why Choose a Whole House Water Filter Installation?

You may be wondering why our water filtration services focus on whole-home installations. After all, it’s cheaper to install under-sink filters, right?

While it’s true that you could also install an under-sink drinking water filtration system, we don’t recommend those for most applications. The problem is that these small filters only remove contaminants from the drinking water in the kitchen, often requiring a specialized faucet to do so. They won’t help you get cleaner water in the home’s bathroom, laundry room, or even its ice maker.

A whole home water filtration system is different. Because these systems treat the water everywhere in your home, they provide a far greater value. In addition to an effective drinking water filtration system, whole-home water filters also make it safer, more comfortable, and more effective to:

  • Take showers
  • Wash hands
  • Cook food
  • Use ice makers
  • Do the laundry
  • Wash the dishes
  • Brush your teeth

Plus, a full home water filtration system will protect your pipes, preventing corrosion that could otherwise occur as a result of prolonged exposure to water-borne contaminants. As a result, your water filtration installation will pay for itself over time.

Trust Tailored Mechanical

Whether you need a whole-house water filter installation or other water filtration services, the experts here at Tailored Mechanical LLC are here to help. We have extensive experience installing, maintaining, and repairing all kinds of different water treatment systems, including not just whole-home filters but also water softeners.

If you’re ready for cleaner, safer water, reach out to the pros at Tailored Mechanical, LLC. Contact us online or call (520) 808-2743 for more information.

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