Tailored Home Protection Plan

Your Membership Guarantees appointments, provide valuable services, and you receive discounts on repairs (up to 15%). You are guaranteed that your repair is fixed right! Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs. As much as 30% per year!

Additionally, regular service can extend the life of your system. Your membership may pay for itself after the first year.

Platinum Membership ($18.99/month) includes the following within the 4 visits per year with coverage of all the mechanical systems in your home listed below. Please note, that homes with multiple systems will have an additional service cost of $8/mo. per system (split or package).


  • Perform operational check of equipment
  • Check all safeties in equipment
  • Check for carbon monoxide present
  • Check ventilation system
  • Perform heat rise calculation to ensure the system is working optimally.


  • Perform operational check of equipment
  • Check all start components for degradation and record findings
  • Check operational temperatures
  • Check amperage draws for all motors
  • Check compressor windings and more as needed per system


  • Check and clean dryer vent as needed
  • Check operation of bathroom fans and clean as needed including the cover

Water Heater

  • Check operation of ventilation
  • Drain and flush tank
  • Check set point to see if energy is being wasted

Filter Service

At each service interval throughout the year, a filter will be provided at no additional cost. To receive a filter, before the initial visit the size must be given to the company before we schedule a technician to visit.

Gold Membership ($13.99/month) heating and cooling services with two filter changes for the year. Please call for more detailed information.

Cancellation of membership. Written notice of termination is required to end membership. We ask for 2 weeks for termination to be processed.

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