Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Tucson, AZ

Tucson is the second-largest city in Arizona, right behind Phoenix. It’s a city loved for its beautiful scenery, even if it has some of the hottest weather recorded in the US. Homeowners living in Pima County know that around here, AC equals comfort. And at Tailored Mechanical, we believe comfort is king.

If you’re looking for quality cooling and heating services in Tucson, AZ, give us a call. Our dedication to excellence and customer service makes us the go-to HVAC contractors in the area.

AC Checkups in Tucson

AC maintenance is critical for keeping your AC working better for longer. Even if your AC seems to be plugging along nicely, there is always a possibility that there is room for improvement in its performance. And there’s also the real problem of system issues that might not be obvious to you but could cause problems down the line. 

Our experts recommend that you call for an AC check-up before the severely hot weather hits — ideally in the springtime — so you can be prepared for whatever the Arizona heat decides to bring this season. 

Heating Checkups in Tucson

Desert living never stops being interesting. Not to be outdone by the heat, Tucson also can see lows in the 40s throughout the winter. To stay comfortable year-round, we recommend that you call us for heating maintenance right after the summer heat starts to die down to prepare for winter. 

Though the hot Arizona weather gets a lot of attention, our HVAC contractors know that comfort is not seasonal, so you can rely on us to give your heating check-ups just as much attention as your AC check-ups.

Is It Time for AC Repair?

Arizona homeowners have to be even more proactive about their air conditioning services because being without cool air isn’t just uncomfortable; it can be hazardous. So it’s wise to be able to recognize any warning signs that your AC might be trying to convey to you. Common AC issues that might signify it’s time to call an expert include:

  • Loud noises or strong smells
  • Higher than average utility bills
  • Leaks or cracks in your unit
  • Uneven cooling or airflow
  • Unusual amounts of humidity or warm air

There are many reasons your AC could be having trouble, and the best way to diagnose the issue is with a call to a professional. We always recommend that you contact a certified contractor to take care of your cooling and heating repairs to ensure that no additional damage to the unit occurs. The enthusiastic team at Tailored Mechanical can repair your system and help optimize it to run better than ever.

What About AC Replacement?

No matter how well cared for your air conditioner is, there will come a time when repairs and check-ups won’t be worth the trouble or the money. New air conditioners offer many benefits, especially compared to some older models, so it can often be well worth the price of the cooling or heating replacement in comfort alone. If you’re curious about whether it’s time for an AC installation, you can always call us, and we’ll walk you through what’s best for your home.

Cooling and Heating Installation in Tucson

The modern HVAC system has so much to offer the Arizona homeowner. From remote access to smart thermostats, a new unit can completely change the feel and security of your home. Newer models also tend to have much better energy efficiency, which is great for saving some extra money during those long stretches of scorching hot temperatures.

If you’re considering installing a new AC or heating system, we’d be happy to help with the process. Our experts can help guide you every step of the way, from choosing a style or model to giving you a thorough installation to ensuring that you master all of the bells and whistles. Our team has experience installing just about every type of HVAC on the market, so there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish for you!

Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Tucson, AZ

Tailored Mechanical is all about getting your home feeling more comfortable than ever before. We handle all sorts of climate control services, from extensive cooling system installations to minor heating repairs. 

We are committed to our community’s security and well-being, and we strive to prove ourselves as the best HVAC contractors with every visit to our customers’ homes. If you need HVAC assistance, call our offices today, and we’ll offer you a free estimate and get you started with your first appointment.